About Us

Future Majority is a Canadian nonpartisan organization that was founded in 2018. As a group of young Canadians, we formed Future Majority to address the growing disconnect young Canadians feel from the country's current politics and politicians. Our goal to unite the voice of youth across Canada and disrupt the status quo on parliament hill.

We are building a movement. Speaking to other young Canadians across the country we have heard how worried they are about our country's future and how disconnected they feel from the political system in Canada.

That doesn't come as a surprise. Young Canadians have grown up in the shadows of older generations who until now have had the most power in shaping our electorate. Historically, politicians have been able to succeed without representing us while in office. But not anymore. The issues that matter to our generation are becoming more urgent at the same time that our political influence is increasing.

We are the new majority.

In the upcoming 2019 federal election, eligible Millennial and Generation Z voters will outnumber every other voting-aged generation. We will organize, unite and train young Canadians so that we step out of the shadows and change the political discourse in our country. Regardless of political affiliation, our voices will be heard as we begin to reshape the political landscape.

We are not choosing colours or picking sides; we just want to move our country forward.

How we work

Getting young people to vote in Canadian elections is not a novel idea. Well-intentioned people have been trying to turn out young voters to the polls for decades. There are many assumptions as to why young people don't vote, but at Future Majority, we believe it's because they haven't been given a great reason to do so.

Our goal is to thrust youth to the forefront of the political conversation happening in our country. As we become mobilized, politicians will take notice. The best way to do this is to inspire young people to vote in the places that really matter to politicians.

Future majority is not about electing specific politicians or political parties. The great success of older generations has been making their issues nonpartisan. Future majority is going to make youth issues nonpartisan as well. The best way to do this is to show up in the places where politicians can't ignore us or take our vote for granted.

This fall, we will hold 80,000 in person conversations with fellow young Canadians from Victoria to St.John's and personally walk 30,000 students directly to the polls.

Politicians are going to pay really close attention to what young people want in this upcoming election, and moving forward.

We have the power to change the political landscape of our country. We are the Future Majority.


Future Majority is a non-partisan non-profit and is not a registered third party for Canada's 43rd federal election for the following reasons.

  • We don’t want you to tell us who to vote for, we’re not going to tell you who to vote for either. Future Majority will not support or oppose candidates or parties. We don't take money from political parties or any organization with a political affiliation or intent.
  • It is also not our role to tell you which parties’ policies on any given issue are the right approach. We’ve worked with policy experts who are young Canadians to summarize the political jargon so that it’s accessible for real people.
  • Our job this election is to engage young people in the democratic process and show all the candidates and all the parties how much collective power we have.

Future Majority is funded through a partnership with Environmental Defence Canada, the support of The Ivey Foundation, The David Suzuki Foundation, and individual supporters